The District Administration Rajsamand in association with the department of tourism, art and culture of Rajasthan and Archaeological Survey of India is organising a walk on the ramparts of the fort Kumbhalgarh. The objective behind this event is to promote the rich heritage, culture and history of Rajasthan and conservation of environment. This walk is totally into unhindered forest area and very few tourists who visit Kumbhalgarh have ventured to go around this great wall. Till now the tourist who visit Kumbhalgarh visit a very small part of the fort, a large part of the fort specially the wall remains unexplored. It is noteworthy that Kumbhalgarh is the second highest place on the entire Aravali range next only to Mount Abu.

ASI has consented to allow lovers of national heritage and culture to walk on this wall under the supervision of District Administration of Rajsamand with the condition to ensure safety of the participants and integrity of the monument.

This is for the Sixth time when large number of lovers of the national heritage and culture will be walking through the great wall of the Kumbhalgarh fort. The first event of the great walk took place on 10th March, 2012.

By this walk the lovers of nature, culture and heritage will be able to have glimpses of the wilderness of national park and the architectural brilliance of this great fort and the mighty wall.

About the walk:

The heritage walk on the fort Kumbhlagarh will take place along the circumference of this mighty wall. The total distance to be covered is approximately 12-15 kilometers (horizontal distance without measuring steep ascent and descent is 10.012 Kms as per GPS). The walk is marked by steep ascents and descents throughout the stretch of the wall at times even up to 60°(degree) . The participant will have to climb up and down several stairs at different intervals. An average able bodied person is estimated to take 3-5 hours to complete this distance. The estimated time taken may vary depending upon (a) the prevalent weather condition, (b) status of training and physical fitness of the participant. It is stressed here that this event is a walk and not a run. Any participant found running on the wall will be disqualified by the Jury.

Date Timings and venue:

The heritage walk on Kumbhalgarh will be organised on 30th November,2017 at 08:00am. The reporting time for the participants will be 06:00 am at Halla Poll of Kumbhalgarh fort.

Weather conditions:

The expected temperature of Kumbhalgarh on 30th November 2017 will be 34°C max and 18°C minimum


The participants have to walk for a stretch of 15 kms on the rampart of Kumbhalgarh fort. Certain number of participants will be reserved for athletes of international and national repute, participants from army, paramilitary forces, police and local athletes. The number of the reserved participants will be decided by the organisers. The remaining participants will be allowed to participate on first come first serve basis.

Owing to certain restriction of archaeological monuments and national park it was decided to limit the number of participants to 250(Max.) If number of applicants are more than the limits set by the District Administration, final list would be decided by the process of general randomization. Further the organisers shall have the final authority to take decision in respect of participation.

How to Apply:

1. The willing participants can apply online through the form available on the web site After applying online an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address given by the applicant with the web link for confirmation. To confirm your participation one has to click on the web link. The participants should take a printout of Application Form and Medical Fitness Certificates from the download section of this web site. Participants are required to fill these forms properly. Get a certificate from the medical officer in enclosed form and bring the duly signed form at the venue of the walk on 30/11/2017. The online registration will be provisional which shall be confirmed only after the submission of duly signed form. The participation in the walk will be strictly on first come first serve basis.

Telephone No. : 02954-242436

Timing: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM on all working days


From the site:
Though no entry fee is prescribed for the participation in the walk but the entry ticket of ASI will continue to operate for the entry into the fort. The organisers reserve the right with respect to the participation of any person.
The participant can download his "Event Participation Ticket" from the website http:\\

Eligibility for participants:

The participation is open to all subject to the following basic conditions:

  • The participant should be minimum of 18 yrs to maximum 50 yrs of age.
  • The participant should have an excellent status of health and fitness .
  • The participant should be free from all ailments.
  • The participants shall furnish an indemnity bond ( to be downloaded from the above website).
  • The participant will be required to provide a self-declaration of his/her health status.
  • The participant shall be subjected to medical examination by medical officer nominated by the district administration and will not be allowed to participate in the walk without the medical clearance.
  • The cost of travelling, boarding and lodging shall be borne by participants.
  • The participants shall have to ensure and adhere to the provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and remains Act, 1958 and Rules 1959 and the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and Rajasthan Forest Act, 1953.
  • Participant has to bring duly filled medical certificate issued by ant registered medical officer along with his seal. The medical fitness certificate can be downloaded from the download section of the website.

Dress Code:

The organisers will provide T-Shirt, cap and chest number tag to each participant which he/she shall bear during the entire course of competition. This is for the safety, continuous identification and tracking of participant. There will be different colour for group-1 of (serious competing participant) and group-2 (non serious / lovers of nature, culture and heritage) participants.


Since the whole stretch of walk runs through the forests, high attitude and follows very sharp ascending and descending terrain, participant is required to maintain a very good level of stamina and physical fitness during the walk. District Administration will provide, at regular intervals on the wall; water, lemon drinks, basic medical aid and in required cases glucose and electoral. The base camp at fort premises will have a team of qualified doctors along with basic medicines and ambulance in case of any emergency. In case of emergency the District Administration will evacuate the participant to nearest government hospital and provide available medical aid. In case where extra cost on treatment is required, it shall be borne by the participant himself. No food or other eatable will be provided or allowed during the walk.


Primarily this walk is organised to promote the tourism towards rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan but in order to add extra excitement to the event and encourage competitive spirit amongst the participants following prizes have been decided. Male and Female Category :

  • First Prize : Rs. 31,000/-
  • Second Prize : Rs. 21,000/-
  • Third Prize : Rs. 11,000/-

The winners will be decided amongst participants who complete the walk successfully based on

  • (a) The time taken by the participant
  • (b) Adherence to the walk discipline
  • (c) Any one not adhering to the walk discipline shall be disqualified immediately

Decision of the Jury will be final and binding in all respect.

Walk Discipline:

To ensure the safety of participants and safety and integrity of the monument, besides complying with the provisions of the laws, the participant shall adhere to the following conditions:

  • 1. No tampering, defacing of the monument
  • 2. No plastic material except as provided by the district administration should be carried by the participants
  • 3. Not to litter
  • 4. Not to tease or feed animals
  • 5. Not to deviate from the given path
  • 6. Not to disturb or obstruct other participants
  • 7. Mobile is allowed for personal use but commercial usage thereof is strictly prohibited.
  • It is mentioned here that it is a walk not a run. Any participant found running on the wall shall be disqualified immediately. Participants who do not comply with the conditions as specified by the District Administration will not only be disqualified from the walk but will also be penalised as per law.

    How To Reach:

    By Road

    • • Ahmedabad to Kumbhalgarh is 335 km
    • • Delhi to Kumbhalgarh is 625 km.
    • • Jaipur to Kumbhalgarh is 345 km
    • • Mumbai to Kumbhalgarh is 877 km
    • • Jodhpur to Kumbhalgarh is 235 km
    • • Chandigarh to Kumbhalgarh is 981 km
    • • Surat to Kumbhalgarh is 625 km
    • • Vadodara to Kumbhalgarh is 445 km Nearest Railhead
    • • Udaipur is also the nearest railhead, which is 80 km from Kumbhalgarh. Falna railway station is 80 km from Kumbhalgarh and has good connectivity with Mumbai, New Delhi and Jaipur.

    Nearest Airport

    • • Udaipur airport is the nearest airport, which is 95 km from Kumbhalgarh